It is all about Jesus

Everybody lives by a script. Everybody is shaped by a story. For us at The Journey we are transformed by and rooted in the story of Jesus, called the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news announcement that God himself has come to rescue us from sin and restore all things in and through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, to establish His Kingdom, through His people, in the power of the Spirit. The Good News is that when we repent of our sin and receive the new life that Jesus has offered us as Lord we begin a journey of restoration inside and out. And not just for us—but for the entire world!

“To follow Jesus implies that we enter into a way of life that is given character and shape and direction by the one who calls us. To follow Jesus means picking up rhythms and ways of doing things that are often unsaid but always derivative from Jesus, formed by the influence of Jesus. To follow Jesus means that we can’t separate what Jesus is saying from what Jesus is doing and the way that he is doing it. To follow Jesus is as much, or maybe even more, about feet as it is about ears and eyes” ― Eugene H. Peterson

A Church is a group of people who are enacting this Gospel story in concrete and local ways through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. You will discover at The Journey one way we enact this story is by following the church calendar. Following the church calendar and the liturgy forms us into the counter cultural narrative of Jesus.

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