It is all about our shared life

In a city like Ottawa, it can be easy to get caught up in our own stories, pouring our energy into daily survival and personal growth.  As followers of Jesus, we delight in opportunities to step out of our individual lives to connect with others in meaningful relationships that overflow into tangible love and service to our communities. And so, we live in the city not as individuals in isolation but as a community. These communities are much more than a time slot it is about doing life together.


NG’s are intentional small communities who are engaged in God’s mission as they seek the peace and welfare of their own neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Groups are meant to be an evolving, creative expression of the common life we are called to live as a community.


In Homes…

Skye Jethani writes,
Our homes are to be hospitals – refuges of healing radiating the light of heaven. And our dinner tables are to be operating tables – the place where broken souls are made whole again. In our churches people should find rest from their battle for acceptance and release from the lie that they are nothing more than the goods they possess. When we lower our defenses, when we remove our facades and begin to be truly present with one another – then the healing power of the gospel can begin its work.”

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